Friday, April 2, 2010

Aston Martin's Carbon Black DBS
Aston Martin is out to prove that black is not only beautiful, but it can be even more beautiful when it's on the inside and outside of a hot car.

Aston announced that its bringing a special edition, the DBS Carbon Black, to the U.S. market this month. Outside, it features a "carbon black" metallic paint that takes 50 hours to apply by hand.

Inside, the interior is done in a "obsidian black" leather with silver stitching done at Aston's plant in Gaydon, England.

Now that you've got the high-tech look, Aston adds a Bang & Olufsen audio system as standard. It has a 13-channel system with 10 speaker locations.

The carbon black moniker is appropriate since the DBS uses a lot of carbon fiber and aluminum to save weight. It has a V-12 engine producing 510 horsepower. Deliveries of the car begin this summer.

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