Monday, November 30, 2009

Aston styling on Merc's SLS

The Mercedes-Benz SLS has a transaxle dual-clutch transmission and the most advanced version yet of AMG’s venerable 6.2l V8 engine. Now thanks to Kicherer, you can have it finished in regulation ugly…
You knew it would only be a matter of time before Germany’s insane aftermarket tuners would start flooding the internet with renderings of their take on the rather striking Mercedes-Benz SLS.

Merc’s new in-house designed supercar lacks for nothing in terms of aesthetics, yet German tuner Kicherer (usually one of the more elegant Merc modifiers) believes the car could do with some resurfacing.

Why? Don’t ask us.

Kicherer’s attempt at refurbishing the SLS design leaves one with a car which looks like something Aston Martin’s design team would have drawn up whilst drunk at the end of year Christmas office party…

Beyond a bizarre rooftop air-intake, the Kicherer car’s most disturbing styling change is the leering oversized grille.

Although this grille design looks great when applied to Aston Martin products (admittedly in a more oval, symmetrical shaped form), it really looks terribly out of place on the SLS.

The boys from Stockach have not released any production timeframe (or technical) details surrounding the SLS upgrade.

You can expect the kit to be ready for fitment around the middle of next year though - when the first SLS models are delivered to customers in Europe.

How many European Mercedes-Benz SLS owners will be comfortable taking up this option on the Kicherer SLS kit is impossible to say – yet we suspect the number will be negligible.

With the option of gold finishing for that grille treatment you can see exactly where most of Kicherer’s business will be coming from - a Mercedes-Benz market with plenty of sand.

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